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Cancer Interviews

Sharing the Journey

Patient Library

Thank you for requesting a copy of this Cancer Patient Quick Start Guide. My name is Jim Foster and I have put together this guide to help other cancer patients as they begin their cancer journey. This Cancer Patient Quick Start Guide is based on my two different personal experiences as a Hodgkin lymphoma cancer patient (learn more by visiting the About page at for details). It is my hope that every cancer patient may have the tools and resources as quickly as possible, to begin their personal cancer journey and perhaps be able to avoid some of the mistakes and learning curve that I encountered, when dealing with the possibility of a cancer diagnosis.

This guide is dedicated to the countless number of people who assisted me during my two cancer experiences, from my loving wife, my parents, to the dozens of doctors, paramedics, medical staff, counselors, friends, family, clergy and even strangers who I had never met before. This guide is not intended to be a guide throughout the entire cancer journey, but rather a quick initial guide to getting set up and started in the right direction. It is my sincere hope that you will have a successful cancer outcome and I wish you comfort, strength and peace throughout your journey!

Thank you - Jim Foster, two-time cancer patient and very grateful survivor