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Cancer Interviews

Sharing the Journey

Welcome to!

Thank you for stopping by! It is our sincere hope that however cancer may be impacting you and your loved ones, that you will find this website and our interviews with amazing cancer survivors, caregivers and others, helpful, informative and encouraging! You are not alone and we invite you to be a part of our team, where together, everyone achieves more! It is our sincere hope for the best possible outcome for you, with your cancer journey!

Episode 9 - Holly Witulski - Denver, Colorado - USA - Survivor - Hodgkin Lymphoma
Holly Witulski, Hodgkin lymphoma survivor shares her journey from New Jersey to Colorado, where she found out she had Hodgkin lymphoma cancer and then back to New Jersey for chemotherapy and radiation oncology treatments and then back to Colorado where she got married and had a son and enjoys living as a Hodgkin lymphoma cancer...

Episode 8 - Chad Andrus - Denver, Colorado - USA - Survivor - Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Chad Andrus, non-Hodgkin lymphoma cancer survivor shares his story with us from his pre-cancer career as a radio sportscaster and professional basketball play by play announcer to finding out something was wrong with him on his honeymoon while on a ship in the Mediterranean Sea, coming home and continuing to work... more

Episode 7 - Sue Babbitt - Denver, Colorado - USA - Survivor - Stage 2 Bladder Cancer Sue is a bladder cancer survivor who lives in Denver, Colorado and shares her story of being diagnosed with stage 2 bladder cancer, and overcoming it through surgery and chemotherapy. Sue also explains about how she continues to have a very active livestyle and loves to travel, play basketball with her grandkids and go swimming! more

Episode 6 - Tim Scott - Irvine, California - USA - Survivor - Ocular Melanoma and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Tim is a two-time cancer survivor and shares his journey through both Ocular Melanoma and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. Tim is an avid runner and golfer and competed in the first annual Speedgolf World Championships in 2012, after his first cancer journey and has raised over $100,000 for cancer charities... more

Episode 5 - Elke - Golden, Colorado - USA - Survivor - Invasive Lobular Breast Carcinoma Originally from Germany and now living in Colorado, Elke shares her journey through being diagnosed with Invasive Lobular Breast Carcinoma and her decision on treatment options recommended by her medical doctor given her medical condition.. more

Episode 4 - Greg Oberst - Covington, Washington - USA - Cancer Patient Caregiver

Greg shares his amazing journey as the primary caregiver for his wife Linda, during her journey with Non-Invasive Lobular Carcinoma in Situ, while being a parent to their daughter in high school and coordinating all of this while continuing his responsibilities and duties at work...more

Episode 3 - Suzanne Foster, Co-Host - Golden, CO - USA - Cancer Patient Caregiver

Suzanne shares her journey as the spouse and caregiver for her husband during his second battle with Hodgkin lymphoma cancer and a successful autologus stem cell transplant all while maintaining her full time job and being pregnant the entire time....more

Episode 2 - Bruce Morton, Co-Host - Denver, Colorado - USA - Survivor - Prostate Cancer
Prior to moving to Denv
er, Bruce was living in Hackensack, New Jersey and working for ABC Radio Sports in New York, NY. He shares his journey with us through being diagnosed with Prostate cancer and his decision to select the Brachytherapy (radioactive seeds) form of treatment recommended by his doctors, given his situation...more

Episode 1 - Cancer Interviews Trailer This is the official Cancer Interviews trailer which introduces the three co-hosts of The Cancer Interviews Podcast and provides an overview of what to expect in upcoming episodes. Jim Foster, Bruce Morton and Suzanne Foster each share information about their background and what caused them to want to be a part of the Cancer Interviews team... more

Episode 0 - Inaugural Episode of the Cancer Interviews Podcast with Jim Foster, two-time Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivor & Co-Host This is the inaugural episode of the Cancer Interviews Podcast Episode 0 with Jim Foster, Podcast Co-Host! This Cancer Interviews Podcast episode is designed to give Team Journey an overview of what to expect from future episodes... more