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Cancer Interviews

Sharing the Journey

About Cancer Interviews...

Mission: "To improve the lives of ordinary people, around the world, who's lives have somehow been impacted by cancer, by sharing the journey together, through interviews with other amazing people, who's lives have also been impacted by cancer."

Cancer Interviews is a humanitarian project designed to provide helpful information, resources, encouragement, inspiration and hope to cancer patients, caregivers, families and survivors, who have embarked on their own cancer journey through interviews with other patients, caregivers, survivors, doctors, cancer support professionals and others about their personal cancer journey stories.

Cancer Interviews was originally conceived by Jim Foster, a 2-time Hodgkin lymphoma cancer patient, autologous stem cell bone marrow transplant recipient and now an extremely grateful cancer survivor. It is Jim's life passion to try and help every person with cancer, around the world, experience the best possible cancer journey by providing patient and caregiver resources, encouragement, inspiration, hope and support through interviews with real life people who are on the front lines of the daily fight against cancer via the Cancer Interviews podcast and Cancer Interviews website.

Cancer Interviews are hosted by Jim Foster, or in some cases a guest host, either in person, online via video conferencing technology such as Skype. Interviewees may be local or located throughout the United States or in other countries around the world. With today’s technology, the goal is to bring our audience the most current, relevant information from real people who truly are walking the walk, no matter where they are located around the globe.

If you feel you would be a good candidate for an interview or would like to recommend someone to us, please visit the Request Interview page and submit a request interview form. Depending on the volume of requests received, we may not have the ability to interview everyone who requests an interview, but we will respond to your request.

About Jim Foster, Survivor, Founder & Co-Host...

Jim Foster was born in Denver, Colorado where he grew up and went to high school. Jim went on to graduate from college at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado with a bachelor's degree in Finance. After college, Jim initially became a stock broker for a financial planning firm in Denver, Colorado, but after a year in the finance industry, he moved on to pursue a career in real estate sales in the Denver area.

In 1995, Jim had the opportunity to raft the Colorado River with his friend Jim Murrell, through the Grand Canyon in Arizona. After hiking out of the canyon, Jim collapsed at the top of the South Rim, which was the first sign that something was physically wrong with him. Three weeks after returning to Denver, Jim collapsed again at work, landing him in the Intensive Care Unit of a Denver hospital on a ventilator (life support machine).

This began a 20 month odyssey resulting first in a diagnosis of a very rare disorder known as Stiff Person Syndrome. After 14 months, most of which was spent in the hospital, dozens of doctors, 5 hospitals, 22 ambulance rides, a trip to a world famous clinical hospital in Rochester, Minnesota and several critical pulmonary and cardiac emergencies, Jim was ultimately, accurately diagnosed at a Denver hospital with Stage 3B Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer.

Once diagnosed, a treatment plan was put into place which consisted of chemotherapy. A reaction to the cancer toxins in the bloodstream was ultimately determined to be the underlying cause of his Stiff Person Syndrome symptoms, which ceased 1 month after chemotherapy treatment began and 6 months later Jim successfully went into remission when scans showed there was no remaining cancer.

In January of 1998 Jim met his future wife, Suzanne who grew up in Littleton, Colorado and they began dating and then married in 1999. Life seemed to be back to normal for Jim and he and Suzanne were enjoying building a life together. In January of 2002, Suzanne became pregnant and they were overjoyed, but then a month later in February of that year, Jim noticed a lump in his neck. The lump was biopsied and Jim was told that his Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer had returned. This began the second part of his cancer journey and another treatment plan which included high dose chemotherapy and an autologous stem cell transplant also known as one of the types of a bone marrow transplant.

Much like Jim’s mom and dad were during his first bout with cancer, Suzanne was an incredible caregiver! While pregnant and working a full-time job, she somehow, along with other family and friends got Jim through this second ordeal. The treatment was completed in August and their daughter Jessica (Jessi) was born in October of 2002.

Jim has had a passion ever since to do something to help other people with cancer deal with their own situation, to overcome their personal cancer challenge and experience the best cancer journey possible. Cancer Interviews has been in the works for some time and it is with great humility that Jim begins on this journey of great hope for others who are dealing with cancer.

Although Jim's cancer is now in remission for the second time, Jim is facing a new medical challenge. In August 2010 he was diagnosed with a heart condition known as an Ascending Aortic Aneurysm and Bicuspid Aortic Valve. The condition is being monitored by his cardiologist and cardiothoracic surgeon and at some point Jim has been told that he will most likely have to have open heart surgery to replace the aortic valve and aortic root. Jim is facing this new challenge in a very similar way as he has approached cancer and that is to take one day at a time, do the best you can do every day and don't worry about everything else.

Jim, his wife Suzanne and daughter Jessi enjoy spending time riding horses at their ranch property in rural Wyoming as well as traveling, jogging, skiing and attending Jessi's school functions and sporting events in the Denver, Colorado area. One of Jim's favorite activities is watching his daughter compete in Colorado high school basketball. Jim is extremely grateful to all of the countless doctors, nurses, paramedics, support staff, friends, family, blood donors, volunteers and all of the caring people who have assisted him along the way. It is Jim’s sincere hope, that even in some small way, his efforts may help at least one person who is facing a cancer diagnosis. He hopes and prays that every person facing cancer around the world has a successful outcome to their personal cancer journey. Thank you!

About Bruce Morton, Survivor, Producer & Co-Host...

Born in Oakland, California, Bruce Morton grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. At a very early age he decided he wanted to work in sports broadcasting. At 19, he left home wanting to see the United States and pursue his chosen career, whose highlight was working 17 years as a producer and reporter for ABC Radio Sports in New York.

In the summer of 2000, Bruce went in for his annual physical. A traumatic chain of events began when routine blood work revealed a PSA of 4.1. In December, Bruce learned he had prostate cancer. Visits to two doctors each at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York let Bruce know he was a viable candidate for brachytherapy, in which the doctor performs surgery to place small radioactive ‘seeds’ into or near the cancer. This procedure, commonly known as ‘the seeds’, is less invasive than that of a prostatectomy, the removal of one’s prostate.

Wishing to address the matter sooner rather than latter, the procedure was performed at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt on an outpatient basis in February 2001. Post-op complications were at a minimum and Bruce felt he was well on the road recovery, but approximately a year after the procedure, his PSA began to climb, topping at 3.6.

Feeling powerless, Bruce wished for a remedy. Now being seen by a urologist at the CU Hospital in Aurora, Bruce was told all he could do was wait, but that the good news was with the seeds while the PSA will often spike between 12 and 18 months after the procedure, it often slowly declines to a manageable level. And thankfully, that’s exactly what happened!

Bruce used to run competitively, and while he no longer does that, he does enjoy a scaled-back exercise regimen. Now semi-retired, he has more time to travel, with destinations all around the world on his bucket list. Bruce credits his faith and is extremely thankful for his relatively easy post-op journey. He feels very strongly that had there been a web site like in existence when he was diagnosed, he would have thoroughly looked it over, because of the vast, overwhelming fear of the unknown that accompanied his diagnosis.

That’s why Bruce has joined Jim and Suzanne to bring to you as many stories as possible of cancer survivors and caregivers to let you know that where this journey is concerned, you are not alone.

About Suzanne Foster, Caregiver, Operations Manager & Co-Host...

Born in Denver, Colorado, Suzanne grew up in Littleton, Colorado along with spending 5 years in Bosque Farms, New Mexico where she got her first horse and would ride along the banks of the Rio Grande River after school and began competitive horse show competition and barrel racing. She continued barrel racing in the Little Britches Rodeo Program throughout high school and graduated from Littleton High School. She also worked as a pony girl at the former Centennial Race Track in Littleton, CO. Shortly after high school, Suzanne had to give up her work with horses, however, continued to dream of getting back into horses someday.

Suzanne worked her way through college, living on her own and began a career in social work, where she specialized in working with the developmentally disabled population to connect them with the resources and programs they so desperately needed. During this time, Suzanne went back to school to become a certified police officer, however, once she obtained her certification, she elected to continue with her career in social work and not become a full-time police officer.

During college she had obtained her paralegal certificate and began to pursue her other passion of working with the courts and judicial system. She is currently a paralegal with her County Child Support System. In 1998, Suzanne met her future husband, Jim Foster, who was a Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer survivor. They were married in 1999 and had the opportunity to buy a share in a ranch in Wyoming, where Suzanne was able to get another horse and continue to pursue her dream of working with horses.

In January of 2002, Suzanne became pregnant, but a month later in February Jim noticed a lump in his neck, which ultimately was biopsied and Jim was told that his Cancer had returned. At this point, Suzanne became Jim’s “caregiver” in addition to working her full-time job and being an expectant mother.

Being a caregiver for a cancer patient proved to be one of the most difficult jobs Suzanne has ever experienced. Getting up at 10pm, 2am and 6am to give Jim in home IV infusions and then driving him to the cancer clinic for outpatient day treatment, then driving to her office and working a full day, before coming back to pick Jim up to go home for the night. Suzanne also had to shop for groceries, pharmacy items, cook and clean in addition to this crazy schedule. Suzanne did have help from Jim’s parents who assisted her in her caregiving role.

In August, after Jim’s successful autologous stem cell transplant, scans showed that his cancer was again in remission. Suzanne gave birth to their healthy daughter Jessica “Jessi” Foster on October 21, 2002 and Suzanne then entered her new role as a mother.

When Jim decided to start, Suzanne felt it would be important to also interview caregivers, in addition to survivors and others who have been impacted by cancer. Suzanne is now responsible for managing the website operations and hosting interviews with caregivers of cancer patients. It is Suzanne’s hope to provide valuable information, encouragement and support to everyone who is impacted by cancer, either directly or as a caregiver or family member.